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Veritas Forum: Tim Keller and Dr. Anthony Kronman

Contemporary western culture functions with a sense that the cosmos as well as our personal lives are "disenchanted" in that there is no transcendent reality beyond what we can measure and analyze. Yet we persist in believing in qualities like beauty, justice, and personal worth. Is meaning possible in a disenchanted age? How do we develop identities and a sense of being in a disenchanted cosmos? Join us for a conversation between Yale Law School's Dr. Anthony Kronman, author of Confessions of a Born Again Pagan, and Dr. Timothy Keller, author of Making Sense of God: An Invitation to the Skeptical and pastor of Redeemer Church in New York City, on the place of meaning and identity. Conversation moderated by Dr. Willie Jennings of Yale Divinity School.

Immediately following the forum, several Yale faculty members have agreed to facilitate discussion groups which will be held in the Calhoun College Dining Hall, right across the street from Battell Chapel. Space is limited to 100 students so if you would like to participate in a discussion group, please get a ticket at