We are a Christ-centered community dedicated to building up and equipping Christian leaders to transform culture both at Yale and in every part of life after graduation.


If you ask us what makes us distinctive as a Gospel-driven community, you will likely hear three words come up: seek, love, and lead. Though we are diverse in race, interests, and traditions, these three themes characterize all that we do.


We strive for the root and starting point of all our endeavors to be seeking the Lord.

Through a persistent lifestyle of prayer, fasting, scripture study, repentance, and obedience, we desire all of our members to develop a vibrant and intimate relationship with God. Even in a time-starved environment like Yale, we believe that healthy, personal communion with God ought to be central to all aspects of life. To this end, we delve deeply into the scriptures through weekly Bible courses; engage in regular communal prayer and fasting initiatives; and foster a culture of spiritual mentorship both between students as well as with our ministry fellows.

At the heart of our organization is the love of Jesus.

Transformed by God’s love for us, we seek to be a community sacrificially devoted to caring for, and walking with, one another as we go through Yale. We hope this love radiates outward, first to our sister ministries and then to the larger campus as we seek to shine Christ’s light together. As such, we take three annual retreats together; care for the Yale community through our Campus Kindness team; and maintain a ministry house (fondly dubbed “the Mouse”) for our community to come together.

Our hope is to send out our members to lead humbly in the image of Christ.

Cognizant that many of us will step into positions of leadership often inhospitable to faith after graduation, we hope to inculcate a robust sense of Christian leadership in each of our members. We see such places of leadership – from Wall Street, to Washington, to Silicon Valley– as mission fields, desperately in need of the Gospel and those able to faithfully and lovingly present it in their work. Accordingly, our ministry operates a Christian leadership development curriculum through leadership opportunities on our ministry teams, one-on-one leadership development mentoring with ministry fellows, and our weekly Christian leadership lecture series, Rooted.